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  • Extending the Life of your Herbs Inside

    Some of us just can’t bear to say good-bye to all our herbs during the fall harvest. Although I have bottles of dried herbs and plenty of pesto in the freezer, I still have some pots of basil in a southern exposure window and a number of herbs downstairs under “the lights”.  As the sunlight […]

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  • Rainwater Harvesting & Irrigation Workshop

    Come to the Georgeson Botanical Garden this Tuesday, September 11th, from 12:15-12:45pm to learn about sustainable rain barrel water harvesting and drip irrigation with Frank Cooney of Irrigation Alaska. This FREE workshop, jointly hosted by the Fairbanks Green Infrastructure Group and the Georgeson Botanical Garden Society, with funding from the State of Alaska’s Alaska Clean […]

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  • August 2018 Volunteer of the Month: Dona Brandle-Boylan

    Dona Brandle-Boylan has been a sailboat charter captain and racer in the Caribbean, a pilot, a cake decorator, a sailmaker, a residential construction contractor, and presently serves as a teacher aide at Pearl Creek Elementary. She’s also a volunteer at the Georgeson Botanical Garden, where she helps at nearly every event as well as gardening […]

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  • August 2018 Article: Summer is still providing ample cultivated and wild berries and vegetables

    Summer is still providing ample cultivated and wild berries and vegetables. While you may preserve these by canning, freezing might be a quicker and easier method if you have an abundance of berries or vegetables and little time. And, you can use previously frozen products for canning later – people often do this with fish […]

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  • Vegetable trials at the Garden

    Learn about the variety trials that are being conducted at the Georgeson Botanical Garden in Fairbanks. Three workshops will cover the varieties, growth habits and best practices for growing the crops. This workshop series begins on August 7 with carrots, beets and beans. Sign up at and view the flier for the full schedule. Let us know which crops you think we […]

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